Versatile and agile solutions

Your customers expect ever-higher levels of service, so your warehouse has to be a well-oiled machine capable of responding quickly to changes in demand. A fast and efficient, smooth flow of goods between processes brings huge rewards in the form of increased capacity, higher productivity, and greater service performance.

Sortation & Transportation

Peak performance

Reducing bottlenecks using intelligently deployed automated sorting and conveying equipment has the power to transform your order fulfilment capabilities, helping you to stay in control, even during peak events.


  • Moving goods between goods-in and bulk storage
  • Guiding product to picking stations or zone picking routes
  • Controlling the flow of picked orders to packing stations
  • Sorting packed orders prior to despatch

There are many types of sortation solutions available, from entry-level, low-speed systems that typically handle fewer than 30 cartons or totes per minute, through to ultra-high volume sorters capable of diverting 500 items per minute – we’ll work with you to find the right fit.

Examples of technologies available:


  • Robotic Sorters – Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) offer a highly flexible and scalable solution, carrying cartons, packaged goods or bagged products to any number of individual locations – Rapid deployment, low-CapEx, scalable and flexible with an ROI within 3 years.
  • Tilt Tray Sorters – Ideal for sites where space is at a premium, Tilt Tray Sorters can achieve high throughput speeds and are suitable for handling a wide range of product types.
  • Pop-up wheel diverter – excellent for a 90 degrees divert and capable of handling loads of up to 25Kg.
  • Push Tray Sorters – Using a bar to physically push items off of conveyor trays, Push Tray Sorters are an alternative to Tilt Tray and Cross Belt systems
  • Cross Belt Sorters – Cross Belt Sorters can be designed in both linear and loop configurations and are among the fastest sortation technologies available.
  • Sliding Shoe Sorters – A highly versatile sortation system, a Sliding Shoe Sorter can handle a wide range of product sizes, weights and shapes at high speed.
  • Bomb-Bay Sorters – Bomb-Bay Sorters – also known as Split Tray Sorters – are used to sort light-weight items at high speed and are particularly suitable for e-commerce fulfilment applications.


  • Roller conveyors – good for heavy loads and are driven by bands, belts or chains.
  • Belt conveyors – well suited to fast and gentle handling over long runs.
  • Gravity conveyors – a simple non-powered conveyor using gravity – a low-cost approach
  • Zero line Pressure – useful in buffering goods and with no contact between loads, is perfect for preventing damage to goods
  • Spiral conveyors – used in transferring goods between floors or mezzanine levels

Finding the most cost-effective and appropriate hardware combination for your defined set of objectives requires technical knowledge, creative thinking and, importantly, control system software capable of driving all aspects of the process.

As a well-established systems integrator and software developer, we have the extensive resources available to create the most suitable sortation solution for your business – we deliver intelligent, flexible solutions with a rapid ROI.


Invar have provided unrivalled support to the site team; from design through to implementation, the creative and flexible approach has brought the vision to life, resulting in a robust and flexible solution for our customer


Since dealing with the Invar project team for the Stanton / Under Armour implementation I have been impressed with the level of service, knowledge and can-do attitude. These qualities have continued within the residency solution whereby the site is supported in a number of key measures such as a detailed PPM schedule, training staff on equipment, stores / spares management and building support. The weekly review meetings with the team ensure everything is effectively managed within agreed time frames.

Marc Baker
Facilities Manager at Ceva.

In the last 18 months I have seen Invar grow from strength to strength, I was part of the initial process where we recruited Greenstone to support with the servicing and repairs of our Conveyer and box machines, they have grown in that time from suppling engineers to helping us optimise the equipment, expand the area and incorporate changes to layout and process. With the team now fully established at the SDC, I feel we are is such a better situation, with limited downtime, planned preventative maintenance and increased productivity. The Invar team have done a great job, and I am extremely happy with the service that they have provided

Paul Morris
Facilities Manager at Pets at Home