Software that fits like a glove

Well-configured software drives productivity. That’s why it’s important that the software you choose to run your fulfilment operation fits like a glove. The better the fit, the greater the returns.


Key to Invar’s success is the adaptability of our core warehouse management and control software product, IWS. Developed over the last two decades in the UK by our in-house team of industry-leading software engineers, IWS is a powerful engine that can be configured to match your specific requirements. What results is an intelligent system, aligned to your processes and with a familiar interface using your specific terms – making it intuitive and easy to use.

Joined up thinking

An advanced warehouse is a complex machine. Multiple tasks, some manual, others automated, must be managed intelligently to optimise workflows and maximise productivity. This takes joined-up thinking across all processes and at every level of command, from the top-level warehouse management system, to the warehouse control level and below, down to the routing logic used to command machines. Uniquely, Invar can provide you with a complete, integrated system that incorporates all levels, giving you the flexibility to effortlessly scale up as needed and giving you the reassurance that the total system is designed and built for maximum performance.

A three-tier offering:


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Order processing, order management, and dynamic planning of work, to processing of inbound goods, inventory management and incorporating waveless picking methodology – to optimise productivity across all available resources.


Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Working in tandem with the WMS the WCS will coordinate the actions of the automated materials handling subsystems to ensure both manual and machine processes are perfectly synchronised.


Routing Logic Software

Routing Logic Software: Commands the actions of machines in routing and performing tasks.

Whereas most WMS vendors shy away from the complex logic needed to operate a mini-load system or robot fleet, Invar’s intelligent IWS has all the necessary logic already built in. All that’s needed is light configuration to suit the application. That’s how Invar delivers fast, efficient implementation.

When it comes to intelligent warehouse software, Invar can provide the complete gamut – from door-to-door warehouse management to the physical control and command of mechanical handling subsystems – from robots, sorters and conveyors to ASRS, mini-load systems and automated packaging solutions. We ensure the perfect fit.

And when it comes to implementation and integrating with your legacy systems, we have all the tools at hand to make it happen simply and quickly.

Total support

Once up and running, maintaining uptime is of prime importance. We offer 24/7 support in the UK and US with a team of experts ready to troubleshoot issues – making sure your systems are fully operational for peak performance.

Invar has 100+ staff worldwide working on the development, implementation and support of industry leading technology. We have the power to deliver.


Invar have provided unrivalled support to the site team; from design through to implementation, the creative and flexible approach has brought the vision to life, resulting in a robust and flexible solution for our customer


Since dealing with the Invar project team for the Stanton / Under Armour implementation I have been impressed with the level of service, knowledge and can-do attitude. These qualities have continued within the residency solution whereby the site is supported in a number of key measures such as a detailed PPM schedule, training staff on equipment, stores / spares management and building support. The weekly review meetings with the team ensure everything is effectively managed within agreed time frames.

Marc Baker
Facilities Manager at Ceva.

In the last 18 months I have seen Invar grow from strength to strength, I was part of the initial process where we recruited Greenstone to support with the servicing and repairs of our Conveyer and box machines, they have grown in that time from suppling engineers to helping us optimise the equipment, expand the area and incorporate changes to layout and process. With the team now fully established at the SDC, I feel we are is such a better situation, with limited downtime, planned preventative maintenance and increased productivity. The Invar team have done a great job, and I am extremely happy with the service that they have provided

Paul Morris
Facilities Manager at Pets at Home