Aug 10th, 2019

A Goods-To-Person Robotics Solution Delivering Better Returns

A flexible automation system for E-fulfillment operations big or small.

Invar Systems is combining the latest innovations in hardware and software, so our clients gain a competitive advantage:

  • Accelerate order fulfillment at lower costs
  • Increase profitability per order
  • Expedite reverse logistics and returns

Invar Systems’ Goods-to-Person Robotics solution delivers better returns.

Customer satisfaction: Increased accuracy and expedited order fulfillment improves customer satisfaction

Profitability: By decreasing the cost per pick, the profit per unit is increased

Space optimization: High density storage maximizes floor space utilization

Limited capital: No need for major infrastructure changes, makes this an affordable solution for many applications

The Solution

Using the “goods-to-person” model increases efficiency by targeting the time wasted walking and searching for items. The interactive picking station guides the pickers to 100% accuracy and allows you to achieve pick rates above 600 picks per hour.

Minimal infrastructure required as the system operates on a label-based routing solution which means that installation, set up and moving of the system takes less time to complete.

Its scalability means it can start from a small base and grow quickly in a modular way. This means there is no need to include long term capacity at the initial installation.

Its adaptability means it can adjust to the existing warehouse environment regardless of shape or obstructions as these can be mapped into the system.

It is flexible and so can be easily moved within the existing location or moved to a new one. Additional shifts offer greater capacity for peak times and additional robots and picking stations can be added as needed.

Take control of your warehouse operations with Invar Systems, your logistics experts.

Written by

Shane Madz

Business Manager

Shane helps companies deploy warehouse logistics with a focus on technology to improve productivity and efficiently.

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