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Your warehouse is unique, as are your operational challenges, your areas of improvement, and your strategic objectives. So, of course, when it comes to your warehouse management and order fulfilment solutions, these should be unique too. At Invar, we get that, and that’s why we’ve invested in leading-edge 3D simulation technology that allows us to build out your warehouse project in a virtual environment so you can visualise it and make tweaks before we get started.

This includes selecting the most suitable materials handling hardware, the most appropriate technology, and ensuring you have a fully transparent, detailed overview of costs to enable you to forecast accurately. By inputting your data set, we can also apply routing logic so that you can view your system’s performance in advance and discover any potential bottlenecks or limitations.

Our solution design services are scalable, customisable, and comprehensive, to ensure you have the confidence to bring your project into reality.

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