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Invar Warehousing Software, or IWS, combines warehouse management, execution, and control systems to ensure both staff and goods are coordinated in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. From receiving goods to inventory management, picking, packing, through to shipping, and everything in between, IWS has all the functionality you need for vital supply chain management and control.

IWS is modular and flexible. It can be deployed as a standalone WMS or integrated to other host systems or homegrown bespoke systems. IWS uses powerful and dynamic rules engine algorithms to prioritise orders automatically and in real-time, ensuring you’re processing the most important work first and eradicating the need for manual intervention.

IWS creates ultra-efficient picking synergies by using AI to power Invar’s Grouped Ordering Algorithmic Logistics System, known as GOALS. IWS controls and optimises all your warehouse automation hardware, bringing together people, goods and machinery in perfect harmony under one platform that’s intuitive, configurable and scalable.

The system is user-friendly with access to 24 7 support, helping you achieve increased operational efficiency and inventory accuracy, plus reduced labour and processing costs and faster fulfillment times means a better experience for your customers. Get in touch today to find out more.

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