Full integration of extensive conveyor system and 21 vertical lifts


The Operation

ERIKS is a specialised industrial service provider offering a wide range of engineering components and technical services.

The new Oldbury Fulfilment Centre of Excellence (FCE) sits at the heart of the nationwide network of local distribution and specialised engineering service centres. It replaced two existing distribution hubs in Halesowen and Dudley.

The Challenge

To enable ERIKS to offer faster and more accurate supply service to their customers across an ever increasing range of stocked parts.

  • Faster delivery 
  • End-to-end visibility 
  • Full traceability 
  • Improve picking accuracy
  • Support future growth 


The conveyor system automates the tote and carton delivery to the relevant location, to support picking, packing and lift replenishment processes in the distribution centre. Invar’s controls software (WCS) was configured to provide the necessary integration between the conveyor system and vertical lifts.

  • Over 400-metres of high-speed conveyor 
  • Sophisticated scanning and weighing system for ultimate accuracy
  • 21 vertical lifts 
  • WCS for complete system integration
  • 4 hours per week maintenance (plus technical support & PLC) 


The new system offers three times the traceability for product movement, including goods scanning and weighing, multiple-stage pick scan-checks, and pack scanning with weight checks.

  • 100% accuracy pick, pack and despatch orders 
  • 30% increase in productivity
  • 30% reduction in pick times

David Gillies, CEO, UK & Ireland, ERIKS:

“This is an exciting development for our customers, and a huge endorsement by our parent company in both our team and the ongoing success of our business. We recently celebrated our 80th year as a major industrial services provider and are excited to be embarking on the next phase of our development. The new fulfilment centre will become our primary hub and headquarters in the UK & Ireland, enabling ERIKS to set the standard in quality, accuracy and value of service provided to all our customers.”


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