Jul 5th, 2023

Optimise your Warehouse with IWS

You don’t just want your warehouse to be better. That’s just the start.

Start with a desire to be better. End with being the best. Successful. Ultimate. Optimal.

How do you get there? You improve. Improvements could take many forms. Better stock control. Enriched inventory management. Superior waveless picking. Wireless handheld terminals. Possibly even robotics, or other forms of warehouse automation.

However optimum looks for your business, we can help. Whether for you that means making your warehouse faster, bigger, more accurate, more efficient, more cost effective, the overarching aim is the same. Optimise towards optimal. Optimal is what you want when you’re investigating warehousing software.

Optimal is what IWS offers.

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What is IWS?

IWS is Invar Warehousing Software.

IWS brings together the functionality of a WMS (Warehouse Management System), the effectiveness of a WES (Warehouse Execution System) alongside the precision of a WCS (Warehouse Control System). 

IWS allows every aspect of your warehouse’s workflow to be controlled and coordinated through a single streamlined software system. With real-time capabilities, bespoke visualisations, and tailored dashboards, IWS delivers iron-clad intelligence on every aspect of your warehouse’s operations.

Using customisable storage rules, works order and kitting options, and the ability to control warehouse automation hardware, IWS can bring your warehouse’s performance power into the elite tier of every metric.

IWS delivers waveless picking, courier integration, last-mile support, and much more besides. It is a single harmonised software suite that steps on, around, or through any and every problem your warehouse might be dealing with.

Whether you need it to integrate with elements of your warehouse’s existing software set up, or if you want an entirely new ground-up solution, IWS can be adapted and integrated accordingly. The Invar Group’s teams of engineers, technicians, and developers will deliver a bespoke turnkey solution that supports the specific needs of you and your business.

To learn much more, enter your name and contact details below. Read more about how IWS can optimise your workflow, your warehouse, and everything else your business can and will do next.


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Invar Admin